Motion collage / Juxtaposition art  

Personal Project 

Thick wrinkly skin of an elephant. The curl of a chameleon's tail. The flora and fauna with wonderful variations of pattern, color, and texture that is similar in many ways to our own skin and the ripples created by wind moving grains of sand all have the power to catch the eye and intrigue the mind. In spite of such profound understanding of nature. Increased consumerism and advancement in technology, urbanization; the process of degradation of biodiversity and natural resources got accelerated in the last few decades, leading to the present day scenario. Humans quite often perceive themselves as separate from animals even though biologically speaking we are animals. Due to this, we create boundaries from co-existing with the animals and the natural world. These collages were created to draw people’s attention to particular social issues by using juxtaposition art by using photographs of the human body and elements from the natural world to create unique new works of art.